Sing with Mike!


All the songs in Sing with Mike! have been recorded by primary school children and are available on the Sing with Mike! CD. These can help the teacher and children to become familiar with the songs. They are accompanied by traditional instruments and/or piano where appropriate.


Track numbers are shown at the top of each song page alongside the icon:


You may download samples of some of the songs to hear the quality of the singing.


Junior Songs Senior Songs
1 Aon Dó mp3 Counting Song 25 Bom Beara Ghanaian Passing Game
2 Johnny Works With … Action Song 26 Ton Moulin French Children's Song
3 Suogán Welsh Lullaby 27 Step Back Baby Children's Song
4 Buail Bos Action Song 28 Step Back Baby/Chucka Hanka Children's Partner Songs
5 Toot Toot Children's Song 29 Gabhaim Molta Bríde Irish Hymn
6 Hob Shoe Hob Action Song 30 Frog Went a Courtin’ mp3 Folksong from the USA
7 Paddy on the Railroad Action Song 31 Dilín Ó Deamhas Irish Folksong
8 Engine Engine Children's Song 32 The Praties Irish Folksong
9 Clap Your Hands Action Song 33 Good News Spiritual
10 Who’s Got the Thimble? Guessing Game 34 My Paddle Canadian Boat Song
11 Tapping Name Song 35 Jeremiah, Blow the Fire Irish Folksong
12 Who is Wearing? Children's Game 36 Whup Jamboree Sea Shanty
13 Money and the Key Guessing Game 37 Home on a Cloud Spiritual
14 Going Over the Sea mp3 Action Song 38 Dúlaman Irish Folksong
15 Apple Tree Children's Game 39 Ghost of John English Canon
16 Hot Cross Buns Traditional Song 40 Nead Na Lachan Irish Folksong
17 Did You Go Once a Sailing? Welsh Children's Song 41 Wren Boys’ Song Irish Folksong
18 Hubaitse Irish Song 42 My Singing Bird Irish Folksong
19 A Ram Sam Sam Word Elimination Song 43 Freedom Train Canon
20 Killeli Name Song 44 The Ox Driver’s Song Folksong from the USA
21 Doggie, Doggie Guessing Game 45 Tongo Polynesian Canoe Song
22 Ceol ars’ an tAsal Irish Canon 46 Tá ná Báid Irish Folksong
23 Zumba Zumba mp3 Spanish Christmas Carol 47 Go Dung a Manuel Road mp3 Jamaican Circle Game
24 Oranges and Lemons Children's Game 48 Suantraí na Maighdine mp3 Irish Lullaby