Sing with Mike!


Teacher's Notes contain:

Suggestions about introducing new musical elements and skills, which can then be applied to other songs.
Key information and tips for the non-music specialist.

Tips for Singing

Rhythm Rules

Preparing to Sing A Steady Heartbeat
Finding the Singing Voice Describing Beat and Rhythm
Breathing Picture Rhythms
Starting the Song Rhythm Names
Teaching a Song Games with Rhythm Flashcards
Say the Words Experience  Metre
Developing the Singing Voice Describing  Metre
Breathing with the Music New Rhythms and Rhythm Names
Preparing to Sing in Parts Rhythm Banks

Melody Notes

High and Low Sounds in Speech Engine Jumps the Train Tracks - early music notation
High and Low Musical Sounds Buttons, Dogs and Boards - more music notation
so and mi High and Low Pitches More New Notes
Prepare the la Singing Note Handsign Games
Introducing la in Apple Tree Pentatonic Scale
The Singing Stairs More Music with Your Hands - The Fingerstave
Singing Conversations Stems
Stick Notation Fingerstems
Activities and Games using Stick Notation Stick to Staff